30 January 2012

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 4 - 0 FPE Mataró

Òscar Garcia's team was far superior to its rival and has been a new landslide victory with goals from Dongou, Sandro, Edu and Ayala This victory, coupled with a draw against Espanyol San Francisco, replaced in the top of the table to the azulgranas.

Juvenil A has won again, this time in Mataró, and joins his fifth consecutive victory. The victory in the Miniestadi has allowed for Òscar Garcia to reoccupy the top of the classification to a point in Espanyol this Sunday have drawn in the field of San Francisco.

Before starting the party has held a minute of silence in honor of the journalist Dani Montesinos. The first half started with Barça domain. Barça has had the clear first occasion of the game in the minute 9 in a play of Grimaldo for the right wing that Pol Calvet has transformed, but the goal has been annulled by hands of Calvet. However, the first goal of the meeting has not been slow in coming. Grimaldo has taken a corner, Ayala has combed the ball and has topped Dongou, signing it 1-0 after 16 minutes the first time.

The Junior A has continued to enjoy many times, until Sandro set the second on 38 minutes match. The rally began at the feet of Pol Calvet, who has spent Sandro, it has merged with Edu, who has returned, and Barca striker took the opportunity to cross the ball to the far post. Just a few minutes later, Edu has signed the third goal of the day in a play with Miguel Angel on the left wing that has distracted the goalkeeper and defense visitors.

With the game almost sentenced, the second part has continued the same trend. Òscar Garcia The guys have had several clear opportunities to widen the gap as one of Dongou 61 minutes, which has been left alone with the goalkeeper, but Chueca has stopped firing of Cameroon.

Ayala round has finished the match in 64 minutes. Miguel Angel has taken a corner kick and Ayala has become Barca's fourth goal with a header that has entered the post.

The Junior A fight to keep the lead next week against CD Cide, a bottom-placed teams in the classification. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Data]
FC Barcelona A: Bañuz, Edu, Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala (Bakoyoc, min 69), Samper, Sandro, Patri, Dongou (Quintillà, min 76), Miguel Ángel (Tienda, min 69) and Pol Calvet (Babunski, min 55).

FPE Mataró: Chueca, Guille, Nil, Lluc, Mahillo (Kevin, min 57), Gallart (Mamadou, min 46), Aranyó, Arnau (Xavi Torrent, min 57), Jandro and Yustos (Parri, min 52).

Goals: 1-0, Dongou, min 16; 2-0, Sandro, min 38; 3-0, Edu, min 43; 4-0, Ayala, min 64.

Referee: Carlos Gallardo Martínez.