19 January 2012

Xavi: "That of Pepe is lamentable"

Xavi Hernandez said as fists and acknowledged truths that Barca hegemony continues.

Xavi Hernandez was crystal clear, as always, after the clásico at the Bernabeu and explained that "we really enjoyed, a Madrid win as powerful as this again is history."

"The truth is that we have a great game in every way," remarked a proud Xavi.

Asked about the fights with the players of Real Madrid, Xavi said: "They play their game, obviously being played sharp ... Pepe's stomp Messi ... are things that make no sense, but anyway ..." , trying not to get the cloth.

But he could not help and finally ruled: "That of Pepe is lamentable".

"Overall there has been a dominant one in the party, and has been Barça" said Terrassa, which then qualifies: "We had long possessions in the second half and the goal, at the soul, has been very well ".

"It's what we like to feel dominant, the reusltado today is excellent," said Xavi, finally recognizing that sentencing "continues the hegemony of our game and we are very pleased with the victory." (via SPORT)