06 January 2012

Xavi, or how legend to be without being had retired still

Reach the Ballon d'Or gala organizer and organizers considered.

A 'Safi' as he called Louis van Gaal when he enlisted in 1998, it took many years to come to be regarded football universal. But once you have achieved anywhere in the world have learned to pronounce his name, 'Xavi'.

Today, 31 years, Xavi Hernandez Creus is a legend of the sport and their merit is to be active right from the Euro-2008 convinced everyone, including himself, that there was a genius and not a craftsman. Xavi always plays well and, more importantly, does play well. And although it seems impossible, the one and the other each day is growing. Their football is more geometry than arithmetic, so snug to mere statistics is belittle.

But even there, the best organizations in the world for four consecutive years according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) wins the battle to the number. There has been no mid-season and has already signed for Barça has 8 goals and 8 others. It is 2 -10 your top scorer in the 2008-2009 - and in his last match against Osasuna in the Cup, gave a hat trick of assists, accounting for a sublime match.

Xavi is the great football writer of the twenty-first century and one of the greatest of all time. He is the ball that Orson Welles and Billy Wilder movies, that perfect plot idea. And while we're at the movies, football held that FIFA copied to create an Oscar and Ballon d'Or for a career, once the officer has assumed that he wants to master, Leo Messi.

Detallazo Xavi with a young fan
After the game against Osasuna, Xavi had a beautiful gesture with a disabled young amateur cameras that captured four. At '6 'Barca told him Jordi-so called the boy wanted to meet him and not only came to greet him with affection, but also invited him to enter the locker room. The young fan of Xavi stood stunned but did not lose the chance to get 'through cocina'del first team squad. Details of Xavi will not forget. (via MD)