30 January 2012

The wingers are played

The overflow and the sidelines are fashionable in the 'Pep Team'. Old school wingers are back at Camp Nou.

There was a time when La Masia seemed to be the exclusive means of touch, but there was little news front for the first team. The rams, even winger, were a thing of the factory. Since the explosion of Messi, and especially with the arrival of Guardiola, the winger rise of the first team is a constant. Of the 22 'children' that have debuted with the coach, seven (Assulin, Nolito, Pedro, Cuenca, Tello, Deulofeu and Rafinha) can occupy a position for which Guardiola has clinical eye.

Peter led the way, against all expectations sensation Cuenca and Tello is the latest step in asking. "A dream? Debut at the Camp Nou, "said the RFEF summer. Said and done. Cristian stepped the enclosure azulgrana and scored two goals in Cup AL Hospitalet Guardiola After the meeting could not help but smile when asked. "It has many conditions. It can break in one on one and involved much of the game. " After a lull in the team, Tello remained in the branch confirming expectations and improving its Achilles heel. "I need a break point. He is wrong faster than Pedro and Cuenca. It has one point less than Isaac in this section, but then has more goal. Peter is an established player, "said Under-21 coach Luis Milla.

For the three ends coach have a similar profile, much to the style of the school club, in line with the movements of the first team. "We know of the lower. They are players that give amplitude and cause mismatches. Fit into the mechanics of the first team. "

The subsidiary, Tello has become an undisputed player with electrifying football, bold in one on one. In total has scored five goals and passed ahead of players like Femenía and Deulofeu. "It's one of the fastest category and is a very sweet moment," recalls Muniesa. "It is a higher level than most players and many of First Second. Its speed, change of pace and class imbalance are, "he stresses, categorical, Eusebio.

Luis Enrique Tello was recognized as a major influence on the maturation of his game and ensures that looks at players like Fernando Torres and Jesus Navas for further growth. Villarreal appeared before the changed the dynamic of the meeting. His explosiveness and bold yellow and distempered the whole his was the move that ended with a shot from Cesc in the bar. "I did what the coach told me, facing the full-back of my band," he said after the meeting.

The draw left a bittersweet taste footballer but he felt comfortable in the first requirement. Faced with a very tough opponent. "I'm very happy with my debut, but dissatisfaction with the outcome. The call was already a prize and play has been impressive. "

With Afellay, Iniesta and Villa injured the tip of Sabadell could take minutes to return to the first team soon. In Gerard Deulofeu subsidiary, for many the great promise of the lower, is another way. The club wants him away from the spotlight and continues to mature in Second awaiting that achieves the maturity to compete with the first team. The doomsayers are predicting the end of the ends for years. With Guardiola are far from becoming an endangered species. They are more fashionable than ever. (via SPORT)