27 January 2012

Will March 27 be the next clásico?

Barcelona and Madrid could re-crossed in rooms or in the semifinals of the Champions league before returning to the Nou Camp, April 22.

If 2011 was the great year of the clásicos, with pulses between Barcelona and Madrid in the league, Cup, Champions League and Super Cup in Spain, 2012 also promises thrills. Just finished the quarter-final tie of the Copa del Rey between Barcelona and Madrid, in less than two months could be lived again another double confrontation between the two giants of Spanish football if the drums of the Champions League match them again in the quarter-finals of the competition, scheduled for 27 and 28 March (first leg) and 3 and April 4, turn around. Previously, the Blaugrana team must get rid of Bayer Leverkusen in the second round and Madrid, CSKA Moscow.

The possibility that the two teams meet again before the second leg of the League at the Camp Nou is very feasible, and that UEFA could somehow determine the draw \and 'to contribute' to that Barca and Madrid are crossed in rooms or in the semifinals and avoid a hypothetical final between two teams from the same league for the final win in continental audience.

The semifinals of the Champions League is also played before the league match: 17th to April 18th round will be played on 24 and 25, turn around.

The next date fixed in the calendar between Barcelona and Madrid is scheduled for the weekend of 21 and 22 April: a lack of official confirmation, the game would be played on Sunday 22 April as the first leg at the Bernabeu was held on Saturday at ten o'clock at night.

Reunion in 'La Roja' in a month

The international players from Barca and Real Madrid sides meet again in just over a month's friendly in Spain and Venezuela will play in the stadium in the Rose Garden Malaga on Wednesday February 29. It's the first match of the 2012 and the last preparatory meeting before the European Championship for June. (via SPORT)