20 January 2012

Villarrubí: "To Pepe does not believe anyone"

Carles Villarrubí also believes that the Competition Committee should act on his own to punish Pepe stomp Messi.

Carles Villarrubí, institutional vice president, has decided on the action of Pepe and Messi with subsequent apology made by the Real Madrid player but has made clear that not just rely on his words of repentance.

"Pepe tries to make a correction that does not exist. It does not say he was wrong, says he does not want to do. No one believes it," he said in words to the microphones of "The sermon to RAC1 '.

"The serivce is that these people feel protected. After finger in the eye there was a justification by the club. This creates a breeding ground for Pepe is the pot and go do what he has done. At the time a station, such as COPE, which calls into question the professionalism of the team, the coach, talk about drugs, doping and the club itself is spoken as a source, then let the courts, "he said.

In addition, the Barca manager reiterated the club will not denounce this attitude because the images speak for themselves.

"You do not do anything. What happened has been portrayed. The whole world has seen. You do not make complaints," he said.

And, also expressed his hope that the Competition Committee to sanction acts of trade action. "The Competition Committee would act on its own if you want the good of the sport. And it does not," he said. (via SPORT)