04 January 2012

Villa: "My goal is to be able to help Barça in the final of this season"

David Villa explains in his blog that the recovery process is followed and animated displays in adversity.

"Since I was injured on 15 December in the Club World Cup semifinal in my head just happens to recover as soon as possible of this untimely fractured tibia. To do this, and after a successful operation because I have (...) to work tirelessly in a recovery underway in the right direction. And in the rehabilitation work is playing an important role a device that has become a friend. These magnet machine, "said the Spaniard in his new blog.

"The first goal set in this recovery is to weld the tibia as soon as possible. And that's helping this magnet machine. Thanks to her, it stimulates a greater assimilation of calcium, a factor which is very important for bones reinforcing. In this case, the greater assimilation of calcium helps the bone to weld in less time. Use this machine has become an activity more of my daily routine. I put it one hour in the morning and another hour later in the evening, "he adds.

And says: "For my part I will do everything that I recommend to leave this recovery process as best as possible and within the deadlines set. My goal is to help FC Barcelona in the final stretch of the season and be available if Vicente del Bosque wish to include in the notice to contest the European Championship in Ukraine and Poland. " (via SPORT)