03 January 2012

Villa, morning and afternoon sessions of recovery

Since leaving the hospital, working daily in batches of two hours to hasten his return.

David Villa knew that he was out Christmas holidays a few seconds after being injured in the Club World Cup semifinal against Al-Sadd. No need to hear the official diagnosis from doctors to know that the injury was serious and that he had left several months before recovery. So being. Since leaving the hospital Quirón, on Christmas Eve, Villa has come every day, without rest, to make up sessions with the trauma and physical therapy hospital club and hospital Quirón.

The Barcelona player has not been relentlessly and has decided to dispense with the Christmas holidays to undergo double sessions daily, morning and evening, two hours each to shorten the recovery time of the break in the middle third of the leg suffered left in Japan.

Villa has not responded to the calendar and chose not to occur if a minimum respite despite the dates, went to the recovery of both sessions on the last day of the year as January 1, and will continue until the evolution of spacing allows more injury recovery sessions.

Each day, his wife, Patricia, moved him drive from his home in Barcelona to the hospital Quirón to be in the hands of collectors and physiotherapists, and also with the help of magnet, a machine that helps boost calcium intake in the affected area with the aim of speeding up the welding process of the bone and the fracture healing takes place on schedule.

Much livelier than days ago, Villa has dedicated part of the time you leave the recovery sessions to immerse themselves in social networks: just launched his own official OpenID (@ Guaje7Villa) and start a blog through their website to explain their most personal feelings, not only during the period of recovery from injury, but later, to share his vision of football with his followers.

Its main goal is to reach a hypothetical time to play Champions League final on 19 May in Munich, and also be part of the Spanish team that will attempt to validate that won Euro 2008 tournament in Ukraine and Poland. (via SPORT)