26 January 2012

Vilarrubí: "No change anything on the basis of complaints"

Carles Vilarrubí, vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​has given its opinion on the fact that the Competition Committee has not acted ex officio in the case of Pepe's stomp.

To Vilarrubí what has failed to Pepe has played at the Camp Nou, has been "the model. Spite We are used to sense and it seems unreasonable to what happened. But we concentrate on the game. We have to move on ". Barcelona vice-president asked why the club had not filed a complaint for the facts. "The noise does not help to take forward parties and all elements of the club decided not to report. Everyone knows who is the victim and who the aggressor. And that's enough."

And what would the club if you repeat a case? "No one can speak in the conditional. I just know what happened now. If something happens again and decided we all speak."

Vilarrubí not agree that the club has requested specific weight within sports institutions. "Our opponents did not say that. In the past we had much less weight now sports institutions." In addition, the Barcelona manager spoke of the possibility of changing the "model" referred to earlier. "We will try things that do not work, work. If you are in our hands we will. But we will not based on complaints before a game. When you have passed all be discussed."

The vice president expressed his hope that during the game, "the public is with the team and forget Pepe" and with respect to the relationship with the mother repeated told by Sandro Rosell. "In Madrid just hope the mutual respect between the clubs and friendliness." (via SPORT)