31 January 2012

Van Persie wants to play with Cesc at Barca

A close friend of Fabregas, eager to win titles and gives long Arsenal in his renewal.
Contract Expires in 2013, played in three positions, Gole and is a star crack without going.
At 28 years, the Dutch striker force the machine to make the leap.

Robin van Persie comes on stage at Barca . Dutch striker Arsenal , top scorer in the Premier League with 19 goals, has gotten tired of not winning titles in the club 'gunner' and, at 28 years, he senses that is the ideal time to procure a record that of ' gunner 'has failed. This explains why Van Persie has given a long continuous Peter Hill-Wood on renewal. The 'chairman' of the London club since before Christmas, confirmed that talks to the extension of Van Persie contract postponed "until summer," solely because the player so ordered. What reasons can be moved to Van Persie not to sign for the club he has inherited the captain's armband to Cesc Fabregas ? Among others, the same that led to change the Arsenal Cesc to Barca: professional ambition.

A close friend of Cesc thanks to years of living 'gunner', Van Persie knows how well he goes to his colleague 'gunner' in the Camp Nou , with three titles in six months, more than those who managed together for years in the Arsenal, and would be happy to reunite with him.

Today, speaking market, Van Persie is like candy at the door of a school. Out of contract with Arsenal in June 2013, so the Emirates club, although he prefers to keep his best player and will try, he also knows that not convinced will soon be better to take what I can for him before he enters its last contract year, a factor that would lower their long march. In England it has been said that Van Persie, despite his feeling 'gunner', was raised even a change of air in the winter market avail itself of the 'transfer request', with the inevitable lurking City. He denied, but Van Persie forces the machine, as they did in summer Cesc or Samir Nasri. He has until today.

The 2011-2012 Barca seems determined to finish the course with what you have on staff, unless further declines may require you to act. When talking about the future is another matter. Van Persie is a tic-free mature crack, star of the current profile club. And in football, too: ductile, of the Dutch school, which began in the flanks and today is a top mobile phone capable of making their goals. Attentive. (via MD)