30 January 2012

Valdés: "We have no more margin for error"

The goal assumed that one can no longer give more rope to Madrid and that it is necessary to press the teeth in the League.

Victor Valdes left the record straight yesterday after left behind at home and 13 points in this league. "We have no more margin for error. Villarreal have lost two important points. We have to win all the points that remain. It's what you get. If you want to fight for the league and we can not fail anymore because there is a rival in front is very strong, "said the Barca goal.

The doorman insisted that "we will fight until the end," recalling that "does not go down the arms and less to win a league."

Valdes assumed that the team is "making some specific errors to be analyzed," but in any case found that "the confidence of this group is full."

Regarding the match itself, explained that "we have tried in every way possible," as the main culprit of the draw by Villarreal goalkeeper Diego Lopez, who has made "a sensational game."

He insisted at the time of assessment that "the opponent plays," putting the team eg Castellon, who has "done a great match."

He would not hide behind the heavy casualties that introduced the team to argue the tie: "The casualties can never be excuses. That would be small team. We are what we are and what you get. There is enough equipment to deal with all parties and but that's what the people of the subsidiary, which has a lot of talent and quality. "

Barca goalkeeper would not hide behind the tired to explain the feelings that are offering the team in recent games: "I have the feeling that we are tired. Think you face an opponent who is also playing and no one has said here that this would be easy. Like you have to run them and then play football and win them. "

Valdes admitted that seven-point "is becoming a major disadvantage," but warned that "until the league does not end up not going to stop in our attempt to take the title."

Not even when I insisted on if the team could get carried away in the league at the prospect of winning the Champions Cup and the goal gave budge: "Never."

In fact, explained that "in no case we lost the league," but assumed that "no one to depend on always brings more problems than relying solely on yourself."

Valdes also declined to go further in seeking explanations of what is happening: "I did not say exactly what is happening. The important thing is that the team is working well, but we must continue giving their all and more if necessary." (via SPORT)