29 January 2012

Uncharted territory for the 'Pep Team'

The draw against Villarreal leaves Guardiola set an unprecedented situation. The technician seems the most suitable so that nobody lowers the arms.

Guardiola never had to deal with this scenario. No other similar precedent. Barca coach had never been, until yesterday, seven points behind the leader. Pep working in unfamiliar territory. It is also a new situation for some players, as Pique, have only known the friendly face of Barcelona.

Not since the loss of the Rijkaard era to recall a similar situation. It happened in the 2007-08 season in Week 20. Then a white victory against Atletico (0-2) played left Barcelona to seven points. A world for some. The situation, however, that far from Barcelona, ​​a computer installed into complacency, in the winter after having achieved notable victories such as Champions League and two leagues.

Then the sensations were those of a set in freefall. With the main players resigned, with Ronaldinho the most devastating example of a group in which Messi seemed to be the best news. A player to rely on a project. Now Leo is no longer just a player differential is much more than that. It is the engine of the team, the overall image of FC Barcelona, ​​the player record. Compete against the best ever.

Guardiola is not Rijkaard. Pep is interventionist where Frank was more in favor of self-management. The current Barca coach ensures maximum demand in the current Barça squad. Failure to come within the game options, not trying is not possible in the ideals Guardiola. The Coaching staff's great challenge will be to maintain the motivation of the insole in a competition that seems more and more difficult with Champions and the Glass in the turn of the corner

The company is particularly complicated Pep probably use the term "exciting" because ahead is a whole seems very Madrid in the league. The set of Mourinho often suffer short-circuit protection have you conceded a goal in the last ten games at the Bernabeu but what has become routine meetings to overcome before winning comfortably. Only Barcelona appears to be above that of whites. In this sense, the team's chances in the league go through to continue adding groups of three and wait for the face to face at the Nou Camp to close the gap and leave Madrid 'touched' psychologically. Pep, of course, seems the most ready to reverse the situation.

The calendar also punishes Barça

The Copa del Rey and expect Valencia to Barcelona, ​​while Real Madrid two weeks comfort resting and watching the semifinals via television. A relaxation that will last a week in the Champions League. Barca opens Mourinho's turn and wait seven days later. In summary, Guardiola will match every three days, while his rival, one per week. (via SPORT)