12 January 2012

Thiago Silva-Jordi Alba: Two luxury for the Barca defender

The Valencia full-back and Milan centre-back could become the first embodiments of Pep, which seeks to bolster their defense.

Barca reinforcements for next season will be aimed to bolster the team's defensive line, according to early plans of the coaching staff and the secretariat of club sports Blaugrana. Two names stand out in the list of candidates to reinforce the Barcelona next summer, the full-back of Valencia Jordi Alba and Milan's Brazilian centre-back Thiago Silva, curiously author of last goal Guardiola's team have conceded at Camp Nou. Both respond to the profile you want to coach your staff: players with good deal of the ball, able to adapt to Barca style and acting in several different positions, in addition to providing a negligible share goal.

Jordi Alba, senior international brand, could be the future of the Barcelona left-back if successful the interest Barça has slipped to Barca player environment. With contract until June 2013 and a clause of 20 million euros, the full-back of Valencia, 22, can become a priority for Barca, according to the sporting needs of the team.

The left lateral position is probably most in need: Maxwell has already closed its incorporation into Paris Saint Germain and Eric Abidal, whose contract expires at the end of this season, has not yet signed their renewal. The club estimates that Barca would pay between 12 and 15 million euros to take the player: Valencia has redeemed the debt that had accumulated over the equity of the new Mestalla stadium, so the club president Manuel Llorente did not is much needed liquidity and a few months ago. The representative of Guardiola, Josep Maria Orobitg, has been meeting with the agent of Alba, José Tárraga, an image captured by the daily `Superdeporte what contributes to pay the interest of Barca in the player, though no official business Orobitg on behalf of the club, of course.

However, Barça can be another pitfall: Alba is in the middle of negotiations to expand and improve his contract. Alba Valencia and have bespoken a new five-year contract. If you are just closing, the company would not imply the `no Do Barca and clubs and players could include a clause that would facilitate his departure from Valencia in the event that a club called the Mestalla offering a substantial amount of money.

The other on the table name is Thiago Silva, centre-back for 27 years. The Brazilian arrived in Milan in December 2008 in exchange for 10 million euros, after an erratic stage for several European teams (Porto and Dynamo Moscow). With contract until 2016 at San Siro has become one of the fundamental pieces of equipment and profile Massimilano Allegri also fit well with the team's needs: powerful in the air, well out of the ball, and adapted playing on the left side of the axis of the Milan defense and forceful in defending. However, it is as versatile as Mascherano or Abidal, who last year were recycled to become central.

Thiago Silva himself has sent several messages letting public want for Barça, stressing his admiration for the Blaugrana style and his willingness to enter into negotiations if the club blaugrana knocks on your door. "I've spoken with Barça," he admitted in June last year, "but now they should talk with the direction of Milan," said the Brazilian.

Figures from the 'operation Silva' could they be around 30 million euros, an amount too high for Barça, you should find cheaper alternatives for the signing, for example by including a player on loan, not to mention the background 'case of Ibrahimovic'. FC Barcelona has yet to receive a portion of the 24 million they agreed that both clubs at the output of Swedish striker. (via SPORT)