20 January 2012

These are the shirts of Barcelona 2012-13

The board has given the green light for new Nike designs run their course. The new uniform has big news.

The T-shirt of FC Barcelona 2012-2013 already have OK of the club. SPORT has had access to the new uniform, exclusively, presents it to his readers that, along with the fans, can get an idea of ​​how the team will wear next season Pep Guardiola. This is a revolutionary design in which the main new feature is the amazing blurred.

As usual in recent years, late last and early this year approved the new kit of FC Barcelona. The sports firm Nike presented its proposal to the board, which approved the absence of their occurrence final details such as location of the 'senyera' or reading 'som more than a club', among others.

The T-shirt that will play Barça from next season will be talking about because it is a kit to use. Defined lines disappear and the blue vertical columns and great feature on all shirts, and passed to a blue background on which stands a red vertical pillar as it expands from the center of the web is becoming blurred. Never, until now, Barça had accepted this challenge, but from the academic year 2012-2013 the team for wearing a T-shirt will highlight different and modern.

The trim on the collar and the sleeves are orange and the logo of Unicef, as now, remain below the dorsal. Also remains in the same place as now the name of the sponsor, Qatar Foundation, the signature Nike logo and emblem of the club, as well as leading from the January 12 as the defending world champion title won in Yokohama after beating the Saints (4-0).

The away kit will be orange, like the one used by the team during the 2006-2007 season with Frank Rijkaard as coach. This shade was chosen for the first time the 1991-1992 season, and orange, Barça won its first European Cup at Wembley after beating Sampdoria in the extension. This time, however, also orange blur, but unlike the first kit, the gradient will go from top to bottom. Ie, neck, shoulders and chest are of a deep orange to almost yellow pass to the waist. Barca is the detail on the sides, with a line on each side bicolor.

There will be changes in tracksuits, touring and training, and training clothes. SPORT, also had access to new designs and presents them in these pages. Particularly noteworthy are the tracksuits, that rescue garish colors (fluorescent) in other seasons and did so well accepted among the Barça fans.

With these new designs FC Barcelona takes a solid step forward and, surely, their example will be followed by others. A bold bid is expected to be embraced by millions of fans and amateur counts in the club on the planet.

The gradients on the shirt were already in the second gear of the team in the 2004-2005 season, in a blue shirt with vertical stripes that were blurred. And he had a great success. (via SPORT)