18 January 2012

[Selection] Rafinha is 'home' with Brazil and will not play again with Spain

In spite of the many convocations in those that has been included, the blaugrana has hidden never that his desire is to dress the shirt of the 'canarinha'.

Gerard Deulofeu and Sergio Ayala yesterday joined the U 19 from Spain, which makes training a conference yesterday and tomorrow in Las Rozas. Rafa Alcantara had to accompany their partners to Madrid, but finally some discomfort in the groin after the meeting of Barca B in the Canary Islands off the UD Las Palmas have left him in Barcelona.

It is not the first time nor is casual. In fact, Rafinha has very few options to play with the lower state selection. And the reason is that the Federation does not have it, but quite the opposite. Thiago's brother is one of the Barca players who follow more closely directing the lower echelons of the Spanish team. The last time I participated in a training was in October last year, when the under-19 is exercised in Las Rozas. On that occasion, tried to convince the RFEF, in these moments, it is necessary to choose, because not play until an official meeting with the absolute will not be tied forever to the Red. Although it appeared that he understood the situation Rafinha, a new 'lesion' has avoided having to go to the convening of the under-19.

And the child thinks only of Alcantara in Brazil. He has never hidden his desire to end wearing the shirt of 'canarinha' and know it's not an impossible dream. CBF has made it possible to get it so you Rafinha and eyes opened wide. Even the fact that his brother is forever linked with the Spanish team will change their minds.

The facts show that Rafa Alcantara always thought much alike and should change things so they agreed to join the project RFEF. The Federation has granted blaugrana bad injury, especially because it is not the first time it happens. Ginés Meléndez was without it for the European Under 19 played last summer in Romania even though the player had made prior to selection. The reason was a physical discomfort. Neither had played before because of an injury in May of last year the tournament before the European category. In fact, even Rafinha did not play under-17 European Championship despite being preselected. Brazil is the Blaugrana dream and fight for it. (via SPORT)