04 January 2012

Santos have to close two teams to pay Neymar

Santos president, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, announced the closure of girls' football teams and futsal team, because they can not afford high wages due to Neymar.

"Keeping Neymar was a gesture of great daring (...) but has a cost. Winning titles is more expensive wages and unbearable not having to cut costs," Ribeiro said in a news conference.

The leader of Santos explained that the funding of these two teams depended on the club box, since there were not enough sponsors given the limited interest of the television. "If you close your account, you return to debt and the risk of ending up in the fall," summed Ribeiro, who called the decision "difficult."

Santos rode his women's team in 2009, joined the best Brazilian players of today and won the first two editions of the Libertadores Cup, organized by the club itself. The futsal division was opened in 2011, the club joined the Brazilian Falcão, voted the best player in the world on two occasions, 2004 and 2008 and finished as champions.

However, the club has had to face a millionaire wage increase to keep Neymar, the main star of the team, who recently renewed his contract until 2014, despite offers from Real Madrid and Barcelona. Neymar's salary, one of the highest in the world, around 15 million euros a year, including contracts with sponsors, according to press reports not confirmed by the club. (via SPORT)