16 January 2012

Rosell offers his condolences after the death of Juan Carlos

President Sandro Rosell lamented the death of the ex-Barça player and he had words of comfort for his family: “We are with them, I wish them a lot of strength”.

Today is a sad day in Can Barça. FC Barcelona lost one of its most emblematic captains, Juan Carlos Pérez, this Monday. President Sandro Rosell lamented the captain’s death: “it’s sorrowful news for us. He died before his time, but that is life. I wish his family strength. We are with them. If they need anything, we are here for them.”

Mr. Rosell also said, on Barça TV, that Juan Carlos is an unforgettable figure in Barça’s long history: “we will always remember him as reference point for FC Barcelona in a time that was very difficult to be a part of Barça.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)