09 January 2012

Sandro Rosell: "It's okay, just a draw"

Sandro Rosell has accepted resignation of Barca draw at the home of RCD Espanyol. The president of FCB Barcelona, ​​Barça "always wants to win, but this is very long."

Sandro Rosell has said that Barça "has tried to RCD Espanyol has fought hard "and that after the tie did not play other than" return to home. "

"If the referee has not seen him, neither do I."

Turienzo Alvarez has had no decisive role, but Sandro Rosell has refused to enter the cloth. You commented that Barca president to see or not see if there have been death penalty or not "is an arbitrator and that if you have not seen is that there is not." Sandro He added, "I only see what the referee whistles" to acknowledge once again that "we played against Espanyol has fought long and has done an excellent approach . " And he concluded Barca president his words to the microphones Canal +, with a "nothing happens, we just tied the game." (via MD)