24 January 2012

Rosell: "If there is a policeman, why do we have to denounce?"

Barca president says the decision not to enter the case Pepe is "around the club".

Sandro Rosell has served RAC1 at the end of the 64 Grand Gala MD , speaking of the classic coming and all that involves, for example, Barca's decision not to enter the 'case Pepe' . "When you see these actions, of course that goes through your head report. But if there is a police officer sees someone pass a red light, why would an ordinary citizen has to report?".

"The decision is not to denounce club. We are all in this, directors, coaches and players." Barca president believes that English football is an example to be followed in disciplinary matters. About the Cup back to Real Madrid tomorrow , Rosell says that while "we have the best team ever in football anything can happen." Laporta stressed that, whatever happens, this team "has a huge credit" and frees the fate of the tie against Real Madrid of "what might happen next in the league tournament since they are independent." Rosell also relies the good response from the fans in the Camp Nou. "Barca is a club man who respects his opponents and who can forgive actions hard to forgive, even as others would not. Our fans will be with the team and if there is provocation, no case." (via MD)