18 January 2012

Revalidation for Muñiz Fernández

In his two previous clásicos was very permissive with Madrid.

César Muñiz Fernández will return to the Bernabéu to beep the third Madrid-Barça in his career. The first was in 2002-2003 and the other in the past year. Both ended with the same result (1-1) and the Spaniard was always very lenient with whites.

Last season, in the clásico league Chamartin (1-1), Muñiz did not cut the rough play of the meringues. He did not see a clear shot down Casillas to Villa, but wanted to see one of Marcelo Alves and let Pepe after the match card without seeing despite its 'sticks' to Leo Messi . Indeed, Barca punished with more yellow: five by two whites.

It is true that the Spaniard drew a penalty for Barca, but because she had no choice, since Raul Albiol Villa grabbed his neck in the area, which cost him expulsion the Valencian and the maximum penalty, the first Barca pitaban him in their league visits to the Bernabeu in 20 years.

In his clásico 2002-03, the college was not lucky Spaniard. Zidane slapped Puyol in a play of the game and Makekele hairs yanked Motta earned red. Even more shocking was that the committees do not punish the aggression of 'Zizou' and Makelele after considering the illustrious Alfredo Florez , chairman of Competition, "throw the game."

Muñiz has spent nearly 12 years in the First Division, which has blown for 203 games, with 93 local wins, 58 draws and 52 victories visitors. At Madrid he has managed 29 games (19 wins, 6 draws and 4 defeats) and Barcelona , 21 (15 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss). (via MD)