07 January 2012

Pochettino: "We don't think you can't win"

Espanyol coach flees from those who are lost before the match started and argues that his team "will not give up his philosophy of play regardless of nuances change."

Mauricio Pochettino, Espanyol coach, highlighted the level of the derby against Barcelona tomorrow in Cornella-El Prat, but insisted that "you can not go to the game thinking it can be won at Barça."

"In recent years there has been much talk about how to stop him, all we have a formula to counter and hurt a team that has won everything in recent years but needs to be demonstrated later in the field, something that has not made any team so far, "said Argentina coach.

Espanyol "not give up his philosophy of play regardless of nuances change" but his coach does not believe in magic bullets: "I've heard plenty of systems against Barça and all have failed ... and all have been successful at some point . We'll go for them since the first minute. "

The coach has not expressed concern for the physical state of the block on Thursday after playing the first leg of the Cup in Cordoba and be around next Wednesday. "We must face things as they come and get the chest. You never know if it gets better or worse than the derby now but there are situations to work," he said.

Finally, Mauricio Pochettino, who has wisely conceded the praises of the difficulty of comparing rival Espanyol with Real Madrid, said the recent election of Pep Guardiola as coach of the world by the IFFHS: "It is clear that the results so indicate ". (via AS)