11 January 2012

Platini, sincere: "Football is indebted to Xavi"

From 2008 he goes every January to Zúrich.

Michael Platini, UEFA president, said after the gala in Zurich that "football is indebted to Xavi." The former winner of 1982-84 three Ballon d'Or believes that Barcelona midfielder has sufficient merit, but exceed the figure of Leo Messi seems to do the almost impossible mission.

Barcelona captain's gala travels to FIFA since 2008, but was never able to lift the trophy winner. In his first appearance was ranked fifth (97 votes), where the victor Cristiano Ronaldo. The following year, climbed to third place (170), while in 2010 added the 16.48 percent of the vote, leaving behind Messi and Iniesta. On Monday, rose again the third step, behind Messi and Cristiano, taking the 9.23 of the vote.

Since took the first team (season 1998-99), Xavi has been instrumental in making six Ballon d'Or In his first season in 1999, saw Rivaldo earned it. Figo picked him up in 2000 in Madrid, but he played half the year at the club. Xavi directly contributed to the success of Ronaldinho in 2005 (10 assists this season) and accumulates three consecutive Leo Messi, which is associated with a sensational way. (via AS)