02 January 2012

Pinto, to the point of signing renewal, faces the crucial months of the Copa

Pinto can defend the Barca goal until February 8.

With the new year, Jose Manuel Pinto recover its share of limelight. The deputy Victor Valdes , 36, will remain in goal during the binge intersemanales Cup games waiting for the boat to the February 8 rounds if you exceed the semifinals, and it seems that in the near future, coinciding their entitlements butler must sign a new contract until 2013.

True to his philosophy in the knockout tournament whoever the opponent, Pep Guardiola will continue to rely on the Andalusian. On Wednesday (22.00 h.) will take part in the Camp Nou against Osasuna in the way of knockout. On Thursday 12 awaits the visit to Pamplona , a possible prelude to an explosive tie against Real Madrid . Although his recent answers and outbursts in the press denote that the criticism of certain attitudes, such as repeated whistles to mislead rivals, slips, Pinto knows that the pressure on him would be maximum at a crossroads over two legs against 'meringues'.

Do not forget that on Cádiz, whose penalty stopped Marti 'semis' Copa 2009 in Mallorca is a bit far, weighs the burden of having played only once against the Madrid of Mourinho and FC Barcelona have been the keeper in the only loss of the eight clásicos played so far against the whole of the Portuguese. Maybe when they can produce this double match against Madrid Pinto has already renovated, in a decision already made ​​and not depend in any case their athletic performance in the coming weeks, but much of the Barcelona still wondering what would have happened if Valdes would have been the goalkeeper in the last final of Copa de Mestalla . Nor does it have benefits in the brawl autoexpulsado the break in the first leg of 'semis' of Champions at the Bernabeu and let to Valdés without replacement on the bench for 45 minutes.

If two classics are given in rooms, Pinto claimed to want to keep continuity in the wrong place and agreed, which is added the condition factor in the locker room glue. (via MD)