26 January 2012

Pinto: "I am happy to have contributed my bit"

Pinto was very attentive in the first minutes on the Real Madrid stalked Barca goal.

José Manuel Pinto was instrumental in the first section of the meeting when some of their interventions prevented the Real Madrid went ahead in the score. "I'm happy when one brings his bit for the win," he said.

However, although in the second half, Madrid was higher, Pinto has no doubt that Barca deserved to take the tie. "We made a very serious game in the second half but we lacked a little more the ball. However, we are just passing the qualifying worthy," he said.

Pedro also answered mixed zone and aligned with the words of Goalkeeper: "They have come up and have gone for the game. In the end what we have achieved and have complicated the game but we made it through to the semifinals."

Pedro recalled that in the locker room knew that Madrid "is a great rival" and highlighted "the good form of both teams." Regarding the arbitration proceedings merely remarked that "a wrong both to others." (via SPORT)