20 January 2012

Pepe ruffles the ripple: It was an involuntary act"

Real Madrid defender Pepe official media used Real Madrid to apologize your way Messi. Judge for yourselves.

At 21.00 hours on Thursday, the official website of Real Madrid played the words of Portuguese defender trying to apologize for his stomp on Leo Messi's hand during the Cup Clásico. The controversial player apologizes "if Messi is offended" and insists that "never" hurt a colleague, although some of its predecessors like Casquero for almost three years.

"With regard to the play with Leo Messi from and I mean that was an involuntary act. But even then, if Messi is offended I apologize for what I intend to defend my team and my organization. I surrender body and soul never goes through my head hurt a colleague, "said Pepe realmadrid.com.

Madrid's apology comes almost 20 hours after Messi stepped on hand during the second part of the Real Madrid-Barcelona. Before this action, the player himself had faked an alleged slap in the face by Cesc in another action. The television cameras betrayed their theatricality.

FC Barcelona has not filed any complaint with the Competition Committee, as these actions do not appear in the minutes of Muñiz Fernández because they were not penalized during the game. Despite the apology from the player, this Committee is meeting this Friday and could act on its own, depending on the impact of an action that has been around the world.

We must remember that years ago was slapped with Pepe and eight-game suspension for assaulting the then Getafe player Casquero during a league match played at the Santiago Bernabeu. On that occasion, the action itself which was on the record as Pepe was sent off. (via SPORT)