22 January 2012

Pepe, 'pleasing non' in Camp Nou

The liking of Barça prefers not to see him on Wednesday for not rising even more the temperature of the return leg.

Jose Mourinho did not rule yesterday that Pepe next Wednesday to play the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey against Barca at Camp Nou. What the eyes of any football fan would be foolhardy, following the precedent of past Real Madrid defender, seems to be to his coach, does not seem too willing to punish or chill in the refrigerator to the Portuguese international.

After being subject to criticism almost unanimously to stomp on Messi, Pepe has become the number one enemy of Barcelona. The player himself has earned a reputation for unsportsmanlike, not only between the Blaugrana fans, but in Spanish football in general.

His presence on Wednesday at the Camp Nou on to shoot the controversy and again the environmental burden of a party already very intense. Pepe's stomp Messi still very much alive in the collective memory of the FC Barcelona fans and for the sake of entertainment, both teams and football, it would be better dispensed with Pepe Mourinho to the club.

The Barca fans already been mobilized to clear his discomfort with centre-back of Madrid. The wording of Sport Journal has received hundreds of communications in the form of emails, calls and letters in which the Barca claim that Pepe did not interbreed with Messi again next Wednesday.

Mostly, the fans of Barca is against Pepe play on Wednesday. To the question 'Do you think Pepe should play in the Nou Camp?' SPORT.es made by one of its surveys, a percentage of 65 percent is positioned against the participation of Luso, with only 35 to for recrossing the Barca players.

Two yellow cards in three games

Pepe has built a reputation for violence that goes beyond their confrontations with the club, even when he has played at the Camp Nou, his behavior has been more modest: despite all, only one of the three games he has played the stadium has come without warning. Last year, at 5-0, saw card, and last year (1-0), was also cautioned. (via SPORT)