16 January 2012

Pepe Mel: "The feeling is that the game was not 4-2"

Betis coach said that when his team kept eleven players on the field, had a chance "not only to tie but to win" and confessed that the expulsion was "killed".

Betis coach Pepe Mel, said today after the defeat of his team's 4-2 against Barcelona that every time you face the Barca team will cause many problems, as seen in the meeting tonight.

"Since nobody here has not been a goal to have 11 to 11 options, not just to tie but to win, because we must be proud," Mel said at a news conference.

Betis was the first team in this league to score in the Camp Nou, and has done so twice, but his coach has lamented that the expulsion 2-2 has "killed".

"Every time we play against Barca will get into trouble. I'm very proud of my players, and do not deserve the rating you have," said the coach about his team's situation in the table, which believes that there should be 4 or 5 points.

Asked how the game has raised Barça, Mel has said the team has come true to his style of play. "We have too many people out from behind the ball, but against Barca at the moment, there is no team capable of taking the ball," said Mel, who has complained that the first three cases of diabetic patients have not completed in goal and instead, the first two Barca have done so.

The coach said he envisioned a win at the Camp Nou and reiterated that the eleven men on the pitch, "the feeling is that the game was not 4-2". Mel has also explained that at the end of the meeting Pep Guardiola has congratulated him. "He is a gentleman and an exceptional type and acknowledge that my team has worked hard and done well." (via AS)