26 January 2012

Pepe: "I speak not of whistles, I talk about football because we are superior"

Pepe would not go to appreciate the whistles and insults at the Camp Nou to himself and said he prefers to focus on the positive things that made the elimination of Real Madrid in the Cup "of whistles do not speak, I speak just about football because we have been above the Barcelona, ​​"he said.

The Portuguese central was very pleased with the image left for Real Madrid. "I help my team forever, I best for my team. Today I demonstrated with my colleagues that we are a family and that's the most important. The Whites have to be proud of us because we played a great game. During the ninety minutes, Real have been higher, "he said.

Pepe said the breed of Real Madrid 2-0 up against with that which was to rest and stay for a single goal to remove the boat and go to the semifinals. "Real have shown here the whole spirit Madrid, the whole spirit of a great club, a large group to arrive here today and show that we played well," he said. (via Marca.com)