22 January 2012

Pepe called 'monkey' to Keita

Jose Mourinho recalled yesterday in the press room of Valdebebas an incident from last season to try to justify to Pepe for his stomp on Leo Messi in the clásico last Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu. "I have not seen you dudarais last season of a player who was racist and he said no. All the people believed it was true, including UEFA," the Portuguese coach said when reporters pressed him with their questions so for Pepe . The message launched Mourinho had a clear target: Sergio Busquets, who is said, judging by some pictures taken by Real Madrid TV, he had called "mono" Marcelo in the first leg of the semifinals of last Champions.

However, despite an insult by Busquets and would have no justification if it is established that you said, Mourinho could not have picked a worse example to try to wash the image of his protege Pepe. It turns out that the central Portuguese, wood, dividing right and left-Casquero, Xavi Torres, Alves and Messi are some of his famous victims, is also capable of offending the opponent with such a disqualification. Pepe also called "mono" Seydou Keita in the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain held on 14 August at the Santiago Bernabeu, a match that ended 2-2.

Although Busquets contrast with the cameras did not capture Marcelo image, Barca midfielder, currently dominated by Mali to play the African Nations Cup was the first insult amaze by Luso. Keita is still expletive crosses dedicated to him Pepe, mainly because if you want to offend with that insult, hardly going to make it a player like him is light.

Not prone to react angrily, as not in their character, Pepe got that day aroused Keita. And not because he insulted because Barca eventually understand that's part of football and a player's strategy to try to decentralize its rival, but by the inappropriate expletive he chose to insult him. Without doubt, one more detail that explains Pepe shorts have in your head when responding to how you react. (via MD)