04 January 2012

Pep will decide today on Messi and Iniesta

As always, Leo wants to play, Andrew is not the regular.

The starting lineup for today is difficult to formulate because there through excessive conditions to bet safely by either player. Only Pinto , on the condition of the keeper of the Cup, has secured the position. The rest of the findings will remove Pep training before the game today.

The main puzzle is whether Messi will start. When Argentinian star should not ask because he is always willing to play input. This season has missed only four games and for reasons pilgrims. One because he returned to play with Argentina and touched him being a backup, another because he was with the selection, the third because it was not necessary in the Champions League and the fourth for a vacation.

A Leo is not taking the field when it infuriates him and Pep knows. The question is who has enjoyed six days more holiday than the rest and only has a couple of days exercised . It points to the bench in case you need to finish the job with a loose result.

Iniesta is another reasonable doubt. It has shortened the period of recovery from his hamstring injury and logic ticket booking advised to avoid a relapse. It will start, but coach could give him minutes as the script for the game. The call is 18 players and allows more alternates.

Abidal may fall in this list. Drag a bad cold and could be weakened. Puyol and Alexis have also left behind several complaints but their options for action are more consistent. The captain was out of Catalunya-Tunisia and perhaps reserved for the derby, while the Chilean injured in the Club World Cup, was until two days apart from the group. Who does appear in all the pools of eleven is Keita. On 9 Cup goes to Africa and it would be normal also play against Espanyol in La Liga. (via MD)