22 January 2012

Pellegrini said thatBarça "is a compact in all its lines"

Malaga coach Manuel Pellegrini said on Barcelona, ​​which is measured rival on Sunday at the Rose Garden, "it is a compact in all its lines" and that he did recently play against Real Madrid, "knowing the virtues of a rival, that many ".

The Chilean coach, about the possible erosion of the opponent when measured on Wednesday in the Copa del Rey to Real Madrid, said that "all the big teams are used to perform Wednesday and Sunday in various competitions," and he does not believe "that will pass invoice ".

Pellegrini said they will try to "Barcelona is less than the ball of what is" and acknowledged that when playing against Real Madrid or Barça "cause greater excitement in the air," though he added that the coaching staff is the "demand" and "motivation" of the players is the same in every game.

He also referred to his countryman Alexis Sanchez, Barcelona forward and said "is a player that has been done in Europe and now all his work reflects a great team that knows how to exploit well."

The malaguista coach on the run of his team, which has five games without a win, said that "when the expectation is so great and not get all that illusion is expected larger than reality."

"We must continue to progress in all areas for growth. Or Europe if Europe is not a bad evaluation. We must make much more global and profound to grow at Malaga as an institution," he added.

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