21 January 2012

Pelé: "When Messi has scored 1283 goals and won 3 World Cups, we speak"

Pele said that Lionel Messi is your favorite current player, but said they "never" be born another Pele.

"When Messi has scored 1283 goals and won 3 World Cups, we speak," said Pelé in an interview published today by the newspaper 'Le Monde'.

"Records are made to be broken, but it will be hard to beat mine. People ask me all the time to be born when another Pelé. Never! My father and my mother closed the factory," he said.

The historic Brazilian footballer said that "technically" Messi, 24, and Pelé, 71, are "virtually unchanged" and that both received a "gift of God."

"With me, no one knew what was going to throw leg, played with both. Also got many headed goals," said the Brazilian, who noted that Messi "is a great player at Barcelona, ​​but when he plays with Argentina not has the same success. "

Pelé also highlighted the talent of his compatriot Neymar Santos, who said he "can become a great player" because "it is very good with both feet and very smart."

"This comparison of styles reminds me of Platini, who was a very good player, but Cruyff was faster," he added. (via SPORT)