21 January 2012

The other 'pulga' Argentina begins to see the light

Buonanotte has gained prominence in the Malaga Pellegrini. The lower front of the League has the classic dribbling pastures.

With all the love in the world, Malaga and have imported the nickname of 'El Enano'. The fans of La Rosaleda has not had much opportunity to see him live, just a couple of league games as a starter, but Mario Buonanotte Diego (Santa Fe, Argentina, April 19, 1988) begins gradually consolidated in the Pellegrini's team. The player often first division (161 centimeters and 57 kilos), dribbling skills and a good kicker foul, faces Barca Messi in a duel of 'pulga' that, despite the huge difference in football, has links between both players.

As Messi, who shared the Olympic selection in Beijing, Buonanotte fought a physicist ready to help you give up for victory in the first end. In his case, River Plate, Passarella's hand, who made his debut with an opening 17 years, replacing Higuain. The Monumental made good genes from his father, Mario, player of merit in the seventies, and progressed in the shadow of his idol, Ariel "Burrito" Ortega, to become one of the more market players in Europe. Atletico Madrid began to follow him, but an unfortunate accident in December 2009 slowed his trip to Europe. That day, Buonanotte was driving the Peugeot 307 from his father on the way to Clementina, his hometown, and he lost control of the vehicle at the height of the town of Arribeños Aires. The three friends that traveled died on the spot and Buonanotte suffered a broken clavicle and humerus. He recovered without problems, but had to face the charge of negligence and recklessness resulting in three deaths. He was acquitted. Soon after, he married and has just become a father.

Malaga signed him in January 2011 for six million but kept him on loan to River last summer. His first experience in Europe, is currently being bittersweet. "I can not just be pleased that I played," he told the newspaper in early January 'South'. Last week, however, was the best in the Molinón and perspectives have changed. (via SPORT)