08 January 2012

The objective of Espanyol is to win the center of the field

Javi López is the great novelty and could play in the double pivote while Romaric will go up its position to have superiority in the wide area.

Pochettino is clear from last season that Barca can not play one on one. Their pressure approaches have always gone well, so the coachc will tighten objective from the very top and try to have superiority in the wide area. Therefore, the coach will use a 4-2-3-1, but it will be a 4-3-3, as will the double pivot Romaric to upload your position. Behind him, the coach could place Javi Lopez, who has recovered, along with area Forlín destruction. It's something that has been meditating to give more stability to the team.

Espanyol may suffer without the ball, but it will come with his usual defense, which is fast. No changes other in the back and midfield dominated containment. Up there a line of three players with Weiss and Verdú by bands and absolute freedom of movement, while the pivots Romaric help and seek to exploit a rebound to try his powerful shot. Above, except surprises, is Sergio Garcia, who is giving a great performance up front.

The alignment passes through Esrei logic scheme, although some names may vary. Rui Fonte Thievy or have options for their work, although the team lost offensive capability clearly on the wings. Espanyol will come to bite and leave little space. No markings to man, although many aid. The solidarity of this team is great and that is its football. Hold and go to the counter to do harm. (via SPORT)