20 January 2012

Neymar: "To Real Madrid and Barcelona for now say no, thanks"

"I dream of playing in Europe, but do not know when it will be".
"I want to play and possibly win the World Cup Brazil 2014".

Brazilian forward Neymar, winning this event in Uruguay as a new "King" of American football , said that "at least for now," he says "no thanks" to the interest of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona for hire. "

I have a contract until 2014 with Santos and intend to stay in Brazil and fulfill it. After that, who knows, "he said at a news conference Neymar. The skillful striker was voted the best player last year in American fields in the survey for 26 seasons organized by the Uruguayan newspaper "El País", referring to two hundred and fifty journalists from the continent, and received the trophy at a ceremony at a hotel in Montevideo.

"I dream of playing in Europe, but will not know when," said Neymar, 19, and was instrumental in the Santos win the Copa Libertadores of America in 2011 after passing the final against Uruguay Peñarol. Also, "I want to play and possibly win the World Cup Brazil 2014 . I'm getting ready now and I hope that we get an optimal team and with the support of my countrymen to fight for the title, "he said.

Neymar said Barcelona "gave us a footballing lesson" last month when they beat Santos 4-0 at the final of Club World Championship in Japan. "In that game did not play as we can, but Barcelona gave us a footballing lesson and served us all to learn," he said.

In reference to your present, Neymar said he is "happy" with "everything I've achieved with the Santos." After ruling out a move to European football, said: "I think for now just work, work hard and try to be better every day . "

At the same ceremony was awarded coach of Uruguay, Oscar Washington Tabarez , chosen as the best coach in America in 2011. Neymar, who last year was in the plans of Real Madrid and is also intended for Barcelona, ​​he took up the scepter than a year ago won the Argentinian Andres D'Alessandro , the Brazilian also Internacional de Porto Alegre. (via MD)