14 January 2012

Neymar presses to come to Barça in summer

He wants to fulfill their pending challenges Santos to begin to dress of blaugrana at the end of summer.

Since Neymar was the victim of first hand of play Barca in the final of Club World Japan, its sporting destination suffered a change of course on his way to be irreversible. That day, in Yokohama, found 'in situ' Barca are the team to another level and that the best launching pad for his career is to get to Camp Nou soon. What a few months ago was a matter of months or years it has become a matter of weeks, practically.

Santos striker has already made several moves to accelerate its signing. He does not want to miss this opportunity to share equipment with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and company, and has decided to get to Barcelona in late summer. The reason is none other than the challenges that the player still has outstanding with his club and his team and wants to leave Santos meet in a big way.

For starters, Neymar aims to revalidate the championship Paulista 'has already won in the last two years, a title of a special prestige because in the state of Sao Paulo live historical prestige teams such as Corinthians, Sao Paulo, Palmeiras, Botafogo and Santos himself. The Brazilian championship, the 'Brasileirao' below will be played between May and December.

Neymar also wants to participate actively in the events celebrating the centenary of Santos, one of the reasons for its recent renovation until 2014 was precisely to be present in such a special time for the club, a day highlighted in red on the calendar, April 14, the day is scheduled an exhibition game against an opponent yet to be defined.

The Copa Libertadores, whose final is played over two legs (June 27 and July 4), is another of the great challenges of Brazilian footballer. Santos and the great South American tournament won last year and wants to match Neymar the great myth of his country's football, Pele, winning two consecutive Libertadores.

Do not end there Neymar wants outstanding issues resolved before signing for Barça are also perspective London Olympic Games, which will provide a major challenge for the Brazilian team and especially for Neymar, the player named to lead the national team in London. Brazil has never won the Olympic gold medal in soccer and wants to release the track record Neymar his country in a tournament, the Olympian, who returns to reclaim the greatest figures in world football youth.

In Neymar plans is a move to Barca, but also leave Santos as a gentleman. The player and club president, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, know that his move to Barca will leave a significant amount of money in the coffers of the club, so they both want to manage their output with special care, avoiding any conflict with the fans or the environment. The relationship between the leaders of Santos and the senior management of Barça, with Sandro Rosell to the head, is excellent, a detail that will facilitate the exit of the player.

If Santos manage to win back the Copa Libertadores, the timing of the signing of Neymar may suffer a slight delay, Santos have a new chance for a World Club (the club has already won in 1962 and trails Intercontinental 1963) and Neymar wants use it to go to the height of his club. In that case, their arrival would be delayed to next January, after Santos play the Club World Cup.

The media and advertising projection Neymar, which will soon become one of the great international icons that multinational sponsors, Nike, will help boost his move to Barca. Raul Sanllehí, club executive who formerly worked for sportswear firm, and was with the player on Tuesday, in another nod from Barca and Neymar will not be by no means the last. The 'crack' just wants to meet a number of 'issues' sports before their big dream. (via SPORT)