11 January 2012

Neymar leaves Barcelona amid a great expectation

The crack of Santos has arrived on Tuesday from Zurich to Barcelona to shoot a Nike commercial.
The Brazilian has been talking after the act with Raül Sanllehí, director of football of Barça, before returning to Brazil.

Neymar has come to Barcelona on Tuesday after attending the gala Monday the Ballon d'Or in which he won the prize Puskas the best goal of 2011. The crack of Santos will participate in the filming of a Nike ad.

Neymar's visit to the Catalan capital has not bothered to Santos. "We discussed this internally. We can not lose this opportunity for a great brand. They mark events in all places and there is no more normal than Barcelona, ​​home of reigning world champion. We don't have the smallest mistrust" has assured Santos's President Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribero to the portal UOL.

Raül Sanllehí, director of football of Barca has found Neymar and his father during the filming of the spot today. Found and embraced because there is good value. The Brazilian left for Brazil from El Prat hours later. (via MD)