11 January 2012

Nacho: "That of Barcelona is a game that nobody wants to lose"

The Real Betis left-back Ignacio Perez " Nacho "said today that the match against Barcelona "is a game that no one wants to lose " and although he acknowledged that score in the Camp Nou will be " difficult ", says his team no go " to give up anything . "

Nacho, at a press conference, he was "confident" to "make a decent role" in the stronghold of the League champions, but is aware that the catalans will "can score many goals," because "they know any error take very well. "

Betis played a week later a meeting of the highest rivalry against Sevilla but the defender is not planned yet because "the first thing is to try to make a good game in Barcelona and there will be time later to think of the derby." "Come Barcelona, ​​but of course we have in mind the goal of overcoming the Sevilla in the table.

We have it to two points nothing else", the player malagueño has said. About the irregularity of the verdiblancos presently exercise, Nacho has stated that" there is no clear explanation to score four wins, losing nine in a row and now again win, "but hoped that" the losing streak has already happened and what comes now is positive. "

Although Betis now occupies the tenth place, Nacho has stated that "the objective is to stay" and warned that not fit "confidence because two losses put you down again," so he hopes to "join the shortest possible 42 or 43 points to be quiet." (via MD)