23 January 2012

Mourinho: "It is the first time they whistle me, but here have whistled to Zidane, Ronaldo..."

"I am not a madridista, but a professional".

Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, spoke about the reaction at the Bernabeu, he whistled the end of the match: "It's okay, is not a problem, never happened to me in Porto, Chelsea and there is a first time for almost everything. Zidane has been whistled here, Ronaldo, Cristiano is also Ballon d'Or ... why I can not be whistled here? "

The coach added: "A tough week for me? We lost a game and you're done. I am not madridista, but a professional. With the direction I will not have any problems. If I whistle at a club where anyone whistle like Chelsea, but in a house where the greatest whistle the world. "

Asked about the cover of brands, and was specific: "I do not read much less Marca match days that forbid read. I will not talk."

Mourinho took refuge: "I left the bench because we played well. The first time we made defensive mistakes because of our adversary as Llorente and De Marcos from second line. I liked the team with the ball. Even losing 1-0 on team played well and won with ease. I had a feeling that we were going to win. "

Madrid finished the first round at a high level "is the first time I'm leading with 5 points. Goal Champions achieved, Copa del Rey have a game to play we are not eliminated by Alcorcón but for Barcelona and I make my work."

It doesn't create that he/she lives difficult moments in Madrid: Difficult "moments live our friend Oscar Ribot - press boss whose father died yesterday -, but we are well." (via Marca.com)