19 January 2012

Mourinho: "I understand to the madridismo, but I don't listen neither before nor later"

The Portuguese coach kept the desires again of overcoming Barça in Santiago Bernabéu again.

Jose Mourinho was right on the eve of the meeting: do not know how to win at Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu. For the fifth time it was sunk at the end of the ninety minutes, powerless to be passed again by the Barca coach Pep Guardiola after his third victory over the Portuguese, the fifth to whites in the coliseum Madrid.

"I understand the Real Madrid, but not hear, neither before nor after. The responsibility more is mine, especially when my team loses. Victory has many fathers, defeat is only one. After a long time in football, I understand perfectly. In the Cup final and now we celebrate all the things I also accept as football. Let the players quiet, because I am guilty, "said Madrid coach, hit by another defeat against Barca.

Faced with the possibility of being criticized by the media cave by the new tactical approach set out to try to overcome Barca once, but again to no avail cash, 'Mou' would not go to rag on and just praise the performance Carvalho and Altintop: "We both played very well. And people who normally do very well, have not done today. We lost the game because of them. I am defending the players because they have been good in a very difficult game to play and without fear. Carvalho Carvalho and knew it could count on him. " Regarding the violent actions of Pepe at the meeting, said: "I have not seen anything, I have to see it has worked very well for the team, I wonder if something happened to him on the field. If there was any intentional act, it is reprehensible. "

The resignation of Real Madrid at the 90 th game of Jose Mourinho on the bench white symbolizes the future of a team that can not be with his eternal enemy, or in their own stadium. Have not been able to maintain the advantage on the scoreboard for the Portuguese was the key to the game. "I did not expect to reach a goal of 1-0 pieces. We can not allow Barcelona to win. We have had in the second half two or three starts that almost did not finish looking into and with small errors in the first half, because the 1-0 is always bad for the team playing away from home ".

On the future that awaits Madrid in the Cup, 'Mou' is very explicit: "The tie is open, but difficult, if not difficult, but it is still open, for sure. The qualifiers are not parties. We seek to take control defensive and score first. We wanted to spend time with a 1-0 win against, but we conceded from set pieces. Then the team was affected psychologically, and it is normal, as if the ship, took possession of the party and was the second goal. " (via SPORT)