24 January 2012

Mourinho: "I don't provoke clans"

Jose Mourinho , coach of Real Madrid , has made ​​clear that "I don't provoke clans" after running through Madrid rumor that says that white clothing is divided between the Spanish and Portuguese. In addition, about a possible mental block of his men against Barca, Mou has not hesitated to answer, "Ask the players."

The press conference following the latest reports that have come out in Madrid, has been somewhat strained. Mourinho , dry and sharp in their responses, sent a message to the madridista environment: "When I came here the club had become tradition eliminated against smaller teams and last year we won the Cup when Real Madrid came here was not seeded, now holds the record for wins in first phase and we are leading the championship. We're not so bad. "

Looking ahead to the quarterfinal round of Copa del Rey at the Camp Nou , Mourinho did not want to give clues about tomorrow's game against Barca. "I have no reason to say publicly how we will raise the game in the Nou Camp," he said. In this sense, has not spoken to his players or a possible eleven: "I have many doubts in terms of being sure, but from there the uncertainties that I have I'm not going to discuss with you."

Regarding Barça, Mourinho has been rather quiet. Play who you play, according to the Portuguese, "Barça does not change much. It has its beginning and continues with his style." Still, the coach is aware that "the party of tomorrow can not make my career at Real Madrid."

Self-critical, low. "We may have a point in the standings, five points but we all think is the best in the world. It is because we are not doing as bad and we have many problems as they say." (via MD)