17 January 2012

Mourinho: "I do not play anything, just my personal satisfaction"

"There will be four or five changes," said the team that will present, but added that "played the best".
In defense of CR7: "If any man wants to play, we will have a problem because I will not leave".

"How many titles I have to earn my career not to play me? Thirty? I do not play anything. As in every game, my personal satisfaction, my happiness the next day." So annoyed, replied Jose Mourinho to Radio Marca journalist asked him if the Luso played a lot in this tie. The coach, as usual on the eve of big games, has been dry and sharp to the press.

The coach of Real Madrid did not want to disclose at any time which team will go to the Barca because "whatever you do criticize me." Of course, Di Maria enters the call. The only clue given was that compared to the last confrontation between the "four or five players will change." Since there has been dry, but clear: "I will not say my team. First, because I do not know, and secondly because it will not say" and added that "the League is a priority but morning is a great game and not that was a friendly play with the best possible. "

Commenting on his rival on Wednesday, Barcelona , Mourinho has been clear: "It's a great opponent, play defense with three or four. They won here a few weeks." His relationship with Guardiola as the Luso is standard: "I have no problem with it, I've never had," he said.

The coach of Real Madrid has come out in defense of their franchise player, Cristiano Ronaldo . "If any man wants to play, we will have a problem because I will not leave." Mou explained that he was "proud" of his fellow party in Mallorca: "A player who is accustomed to being the star, to mark, to be the man on the cover, against Mallorca, without playing well, he worked as an animal . working well, you do not score goals, it must be the man of the match. "

Jose Mourinho has admitted that "the Cup is the third goal, but more important is the game of tomorrow. "

"We did not play Champions League and we play Copa del Rey, yes, but nobody plays to lose. The team is eliminated has two games, which are in February and the Champions League already, and has the advantage of timing, but not We are hypocrites we have those two games and the club as well, "he admitted. (via MD)