03 January 2012

Mourinho continues his ground "Against Barça we don't happen we already know why"

Jose Mourinho begins in 2012 as over 2011: being unable to meet its repeated failures to FC Barcelona.

The coach madridista still obsessed with the tie of the Champions League semi-final last season against Barca, and alluded to it in his appearance before the media on Monday.

"Last year we were second in the League Cup champions and were semifinalists in the Champions League, if not further and we know why it was," said the Luso, accused in the past ad nauseum to the arbitration and UEFA removal from your computer.

Mourinho does not consider for now a possible crossover to the Pep Guardiola in the quarterfinals of the Cup: "We have no program for the quarter. Playing against a team or another is not our problem," he said.

"What I see is that my computer is fine, we played well and won many games. We have won 19 of the last 20," he said. His only loss during this period was against Barca (1-3), on 10 dciembre.

Mourinho also would not say a word about the controversial statements he made to the BBC, which said that in two years will find a computer in England. "It's your story, not mine. I had to say I have said and I will not feed your stories," snapped the Luso told reporters when asked about it.

"I am very happy at Real Madrid, but my passion is to England and my next step is to go back there and for a long time" he had said 'Mou' on show 'Today' from the BBC. "Give me a club in a couple of years, but it's good," he joked with exatleta Sebastian Coe, author of the interview.

Later, Mourinho said his words in the media of the club, where he said that his only intention is to fulfill his contract and will not leave if no one check.