26 January 2012

Mou: "Listen to the booth can not win here"

Mourinho veiled complaints about the school. "To Barcelona I congratulate you on the game at the Bernabeu," he said.

"I have not heard anything. If you can recognize who has said anything ... I do not speak of the referee. What I have heard in the locker room is that it is impossible to win here," said Jose Mourinho after the match against Barcelona when asked by the reproaches of his players to school after the final whistle.

"You and I understand football less. And although I'm not addicted to reading and listening to the sports media, I'll wait to see what is your analysis," he said.

"The players have made a good match. The rest was easy because there was little change. Not me to say if the winner of the tie is fair or not," he said of the crash. And why no congratulated Barcelona, ​​added: "We must know why we Guardiola congratulated Cup final after perhaps because it was a meeting where nothing happened. I also congratulate the match at the Bernabeu." (via AS)

[Mourinho: "In the dressing room I heard it's impossible to win at Camp Nou"]
"My players have done a good game".
"We came with the hope and motivation to win".

Not wanting to talk, resigned, and with little desire to give an explanation has appeared Jose Mourinho told a news conference after being knocked out against Barcelona .

The Portuguese coach has started his press conference praising his players, who have "made a good game." Then, Mourinho was asked about alleged cries have been heard in the tunnel to "go party and celebrate with them, so much dick and shit." But the question Mourinho has said he had not heard anything.

He would not enter value 'Mou' if the club has been fairly or not and in fact has returned the ball to reporters, saying that "why you are you," and also said that the referee did not speak.

Mourinho , bypassing his mouth to put in some words that could compromise, said that the tunnel had players who said they "could not win here," especially because "we have come with the enthusiasm and motivation to win. We knew it was very difficult, we were behind on the scoreboard, but we were under the illusion of doing. " And if anyone dared to read between the lines, said that "I am not suggesting anything."

As has refused entry to assess whether the club has been fairly or not, has not wanted to say if the fans could be happy with Madrid tonight at the Camp Nou: "It is you who have the control. You are those who understand football. Despite not read or listen to the radio or watch television either too I will wait for the feedback. " As the result so tight, the coach of Real Madrid does not believe that the approach was wrong party idea.

In the hints discussed in previous lines, the white coach has returned to remark that what happened tonight at the Camp Nou "is nothing new to me, is a situation known, and played here with Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid in the Champions League. "

The truth is that the whole approach of Florentino Perez in the first half was very good reason why it has been a single break for the visitors in the Camp Nou, "because there was little to change. When your team plays 10 minutes while the rest are short. Today could have been a minute, did not speak more than one minute. My team played very well the first time, "and once again has delivered a new dart" sometimes score goals doing nothing to mark them and we have had three or four times in primert time, not to mention other things. "

Finally, Mourinho has refused to congratulate Barcelona , as he did Pep Guardiola when Madrid last won the Cup for the game tonight, even though he specified that if the journalist who asked the question he wanted to "congratulate Barca for the win at the Santiago Bernabeu. If you want to do it with total ease. " (via MD)