31 January 2012

The momentary 'disappearance' of Thiago

The player is available with fewer headlines and minutes in recent games.

Conditioned by injuries and lower Iniesta, the name of Thiago appeared last Saturday in all eleven pools of Barca against Villarreal. But Pep chose to bring in half Busquets and Mascherano behind Xavi and Cesc. The youth player went to a quarter to end the game. And although his lack of surprise entry at the time, the truth is that entitlements and minutes lost in the last seven games compared to the rest of the season.

Lower than outside and Pedro , in this same period has had two injuries that forced him to miss three games, the player Thiago is available with fewer minutes: 228 of 630 possible. It pursues Adriano, that has 244, although in his case appeared in the starting team three times. Thiago only two: Osasuna in the return leg of Cup, yet determined, and compared to Malaga on the day 19, which in theory was 1. In the other, always in the final: Betis (7 ') in the league, Real Madrid (5' and 21') in the Cup and 15 of Vilarreal. Against Espanyol stayed on the bench. Little for a newly promoted. (via MD)