29 January 2012

Molina: "We tied against the best team in the world"

Villarreal coach, José Francisco Molina, was "pleased" with the point scored (0-0) against FC Barcelona, ​​"the best team in the world" and said his players have made "a great effort."

"I have given the luck (his players) because they have done a great job against a great team. We would have liked to win, but we're happy. The kids have given everything, worked hard, and maybe we missed having a little the ball more, worse in the end the truth is we are a bit complicated, "he told a news conference.

"Defensively we have been very good, very strong, very together and the Bar? To has had good opportunities and we also have had some, but not so clear, especially in the first half. We are happy because it has been a hard worker, a great effort from all players and of course I give them congratulations, "said the coach.

In fact, the Valencia coach believes that actions how are you reinforce staff morale. "It's not so black a picture, but we have always tried to do with optimism. We have always tried to make the players see the situation as is, but calmly, cheerfully and always expecting the best," he said.

"They work as worked today, showing that they are great players, as they are showing in recent games and gradually go out of that situation. If we can make it faster, it's better, but quietly. Surely the good work , we will, we will be more calm and see things clearer yet, "he said.

On the other hand, and regarding the Bar? A, Molina emphasized the potential. "The Bar? A is the best team in the world and today has shown, but opposite today also found a great team that has made things difficult and to which has failed to win. That of course does not mean that Bar? to not be the best because it says the statistics. He has won everything and therefore is the best, "he concluded. (via AS)