28 January 2012

Molina: "Barcelona is impossible to win without making a great game"

Recognizes that one of the team's goals in the match will "look good".

Villarreal coach Jose Francisco Molina is aware that "it is impossible to win at Barcelona without making a great game , "but acknowledged that one of the team's goals in the match will" look good ".

"Winning would be great. Working hard for 90 minutes and from there try to win. If we do we charge of morale. Try to make a great game and make things very difficult for Barça. Our focus is on three points but we know the difficulty of the game, "he noted.

Villarreal came into the game against Barcelona after the first victory under the leadership of Molina held on Monday against Sporting de Gijón (3-0), a triumph that was "very important psychologically," said Molina. "After a meeting, it is difficult to make changes. Let's try to make the same game and we have no need for any modification, "said the coach. According to Molina, Villarreal should "try to play every game taking the ball, even against Barcelona will be much more difficult." "We'll try and maybe we need to do different things to get it," he added.

"Barcelona have casualties, but also a great squad and are used to keep a high pace of games. I do not know Barça we're going to find. I worry about my team more than what you can do them, we go for the party "he explicado.Una of the team's goals is to" stop Messi ", but acknowledged that" there is no specific plan ", it does try to" have their best players are your best football. "

For the game against the Catalans, Molina might not be available Galician goalkeeper Diego Lopez, who currently has a fever, so if the goalkeeper does not play as usual "play César, who is also a great goalkeeper." Who will not be safe to Barcelona will be the Brazilian Nilmar, who maintains an open negotiation to leave Villarreal for what has been thought that Molina "is not the best situation for the player." "We need those who are your head is a hundred percent with the team . has a great quality, but it is best to stay outside, "he acknowledged. (via MD)