17 January 2012

Messi, the scourge of Madrid and Cristiano

The last classic of the Bernabeu ended with whistles to CR7 as 'La Pulga' returned to Barcelona with three points. Tomorrow back to the stage of 'crime'.

The worst thing that happened to Cristiano Ronaldo's Leo Messi. This can be summarized as `living bereavement CR7 what 'La Pulga' Even before signing the Portuguese Florentino Perez to become the antidote to Argentine white scourge Autet classics of the last five years. The Madrid-Barça last December is paradigmatic. That night Leo did not score, but was leading 1-3 and leader of the Blaugrana. Instead, Christian felt the humiliation of hearing a few whistles in the same Chamartín.

Since then, the debate has only reinforced, because the Real Madrid striker is scoring many goals but they are not useful for your team.

A devastating report of 'Public' nicknamed him as "the lying scorer", and remembered that their 83 goals in the League have given to Real Madrid...three points. Only 3-2 in the Madrid-Osasuna and 1-1 in the Madrid-Barcelona (season 2009-10) have reported a profit sport. Of course, his other so-very decisive turning-is gold: the final of the Copa del Rey against Barcelona, ​​which meant the title.

In any case, a very poor balance for a player who pursue an image rejection causes many of the fans and, above all, cost 94 million euros. Value is simple demagoguery over thirty million each of his three crucial goals' ¿. Even his 113 goals in 117 appearances for Madrid (0.96 average) come at the price of caviar: 831,859 euros.

And, without doubt, the big problem is Leo Messi Cristiano Ronaldo. While other players, wisely, avoided the comparison, Arjen Robben, Neymar ...- he agreed to go to war had already lost.

First, Messi is recognized as a unique talent, the epoch-making and superior excellent players like 'CR7'. Far from being an arrogant image, conveys an almost pathological shyness about him the guy in the street. And most importantly, Leo is able to generate football but also, to score as he, and decisive. In total 19 goals this season in the league for 21 of the Portuguese. Moreover, the aforementioned study by Public `Does it explain that while 26.7 goals Ronaldo needs to score a point, the Argentine 7.2 are enough targets (a total of 138 in the league) to make points.

But the data just destroy Cristiano Ronaldo in this comparison is that Leo Messi is still, season after season, a curse for Real Madrid. In the 14 classics in which he has participated Rosario has scored 13 goals. After thrashing in the League (8 goals in 10 duels) in the Champions League (2 in 2) and the Supercopa of Spain (3 to 2), just missed the event in the Copa del Rey, the very night of glory 'CR7'. Tomorrow they go together again 'de Copas', (via SPORT)