14 January 2012

Messi: "I'm obsessed with winning"

Leo not ready to stop after winning his third Ballon d'Or and wants to further enlarge his legend.
"Every day is more difficult but I have no right to relax", is the genius of Barca.

The best player that lives on the earth's crust opened the doors of his house to the magazine France Football days after receiving her third Ballon d'Or. After posing for a spectacular photo session with his endless collection of trophies, Leo Messi left clear in an interview with Vincent Machenaud what motivates him most with a ball at his feet privileged: "Win, win and win." The Argentine genius confesses the reason for his extraordinary and prolonged performance: "I can say I'm obsessed with victory." This is the sentence of four days Messi just another visit to an already trembles Bernabeu just hearing his name.

In 24 years, the youngest in history to win three Ballon d'Or, also recognizes that traveled to Zurich on Monday, "ready to be chosen and not written a speech but thought you knew what to say about Xavi and my mates, "as advanced MD days earlier. Terrassa is precisely the favorites and Andres Iniesta in 2012 if it does not fall: "I would love to go to them. In any case to stay in the club." Messi admits that winning the World Brasi motivates him that the next two Ballon d'Or,s' win in 2014 would be the best! The end of the end! Would mean that Argentina is world champion. I am willing to give up the distinction for two years to be world champion, "said Messi, aware of his great unfinished business without giving up at all to continue to add titles and victories with Barça.

Leo, who has scored in five of the last six visits to the Bernabeu, is proud of the team where he plays: "I have the luck to be in an unusual costume, with great players and very good people." Of course, who comes to meet accused of having more authority than Pep Guardiola: "I think a lack of respect for him, who has won everything and a technician so fundamental to our success as he accompanied us to the top . It is all false. I have no influence.'m a player like the others. "

Messi sets itself apart from the label of 'killer' (Matador) Michel Platini gave him: "It seems a bit aggressive.'d Rather talk about mental strength, because we must work to keep up. Every day is harder and the competition is more and more difficult. " So assume the normality of the criticism. "If the derby was my worst game of the season? Yes, it was the first," he said before admitting: "It is clear that I was not at my best." That yes, he is the one most requires: "I'm not a machine. Sometimes I have small bumps. Fortunately. I have no right to relax and I must return to currármelo". So it is the largest. The number one

Awarded best performance of the year
Leo Messi is not enough. The crash ended the year 2011 leading the Castrol EDGE Ranking, a new award that was erected in the player with the highest performance of European football beating Mario Gomez, Karim Benzema, Robin van Persie and Cristiano Ronaldo. Leo, with 31 goals in 35 league games from January to December, scored more points (1,097) than anyone. Gomez was in 1026. Piqué (7º), Abidal (8º), Iniesta (11º), Alves (12º) and Cesc (17º) they also figure in the current one 'top 20'. The Castrol Ranking takes into account the difficulty of each league, minutes played and all actions during games. (via MD)