07 January 2012

Messi: "I could speak Catalan"

The Barça forward Leo Messi, discovered in the magazine Don Balon "of Ecuador (a supplement to the journal 'The Time') that his intergración with Catalonia's total.

"I fully understand Catalan and I could speak, but I would not like me like me," said the Argentine, in this interview that shows the love he has for his Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, and of course, the club. "I do not want to offend anyone destroying a language so beautiful," added Barca.

But do not forget Messi Argentina. Questioned about the possibility of having chosen to play one day in the Spanish selection, instead of the albiceleste the forward of Barça has it clear: "No, I can't imagine". Of course, Leo also recognizes that: "I enjoy in each of the parties of the Spanish team. Almost all the Barça plays in 'La Roja', so every game is like playing Barça. "

Guess what Messi nor is its future outside the court: "At 24 years is hard to think of those things." "I have much love to go ask a future so far" he says. And that is today the only thing that worries Leo is "trying to return the affection in the field" to get out of it. (via SPORT)